Event Programme

Keynote Speeches

Finding Your Tribe

Ashokan Ramakrishnan
President of Mother Earth Toastmasters Club

Homemaker to Changemaker
A Mother's Journey to Discover Her Identity and Mission

Wiwiek Najihah
World Championship of Public Speaking 2018 Finalist

From Doing to
How to Grow the Leader Within and Among You
Lawrence Lim
Organizer of Lee Kuan Yew's state funeral, Awarded Singapore's Leading CEO in 2014

Building Empowered Communities 

​Stuart Tan
Founder of Community of Growth,  "Granddaddy" of NLP in Singapore

Scaling Isn't Just For Business
The Joys and Challenges in Scaling Your Mission for Greater Impact

Sean Ang
Awarded the National Trades Union Congress Social Enterprise Care Ambassador Award

Panel Discussion

"Navigating Challenging Dialogue for Positive Change"

Most of the time, the conversations that are the hardest to have are the most important ones. Change is always uncomfortable -  but it remains our only constant in the journey for the betterment of ourselves and society.

Our distinguished panel of speakers (Wiwiek, Ashokan, Sean, Stuart & Lawrence) will discuss the importance of having such conversations, and share the methods we can use to bring about positive change in our own communities. It will be an intriguing and thought-provoking hour-long session fuelled by the passion of society's everyday change-makers. 

Communication Skill Booths

Get that job, nail that presentation, and charm your colleagues and bosses.

Whether you are looking for a pathway to become an Everyday Leader or if you're looking to expand your influence and grow your communication skills, our Ambassadors at the Marketplace Skill Booths will give you perspective into areas where you can further develop your skills.

Interview & Introductions 
Feel a lump in your throat whenever someone says "Tell me more about yourself"? We'll provide you with golden questions for presenting yourself in the best light. - poised to get you that coveted job. Get yourself ready to brush up on your interview skills with our Ambassadors.

Technical Presentations
How do you make complicated and "boring" material interesting? What's the best way to organise technical information and advocate a course of action to a non-technical audience or management? Learn to differentiate the different types of presentations and what approach to take to make sure your audience goes away informed and invigorated.

Social Speeches
Achievements, traditions and transitions are all part of life. Influential is the person who can take the lead and help us make sense and meaning out of these special events in our lives. Add value as an Everyday Leader by doing a proper toast, honour a mentor or celebrate an achievement.

Exhibition Meeting

Craft a Compelling Message, Think on Your Feet, Be a Language Connoisseur.

A Toastmasters Club meeting is no ordinary meeting. In the space of 90 minutes, you benefit from the speeches of people from all walks of life, embrace opportunities to overcome your fears of speaking, and receive specific and tailored feedback from your peers on how to improve. The structure of a toastmasters meeting is designed for effectiveness, cohesiveness and a collective development.

Speak For Change 2018 will hold an exhibition meeting, in which you will learn:

  • How to Make Your Message Compelling for Audiences of Any Kind
  • How to Think and Speak on Your Feet in Any Situation
  • The Inside-Knowledge on Packing a Punch with Your Language

Everyday Leader Corner

Be Inspired by the Work of Everyday Leaders

There's nothing that expands our grasp of possibilities as much as seeing what fellow Everyday Leaders are doing to make a positive impact. Meet these Everyday Leaders - hear their stories, what motivated them to do what they do and commit to their causes.  Learn about the pillars of support that gave them strength to fight for the change they want to see in the world. 

You'll also see exhibits and hear from:

  • A mother who raised her autistic child and now leads a movement helping parents raise autistic children
  • Events spearheaded by Toastmasters to engage people of all races to learn and appreciate Malay culture
  • Residents who have integrated into the community regardless of their age, race or language
  • A superhero who continues to learn new skills and shares hard-won and heart-felt experiences at 85
  • Nurturing youth through leadership programmes for secondary school students in the community

Community Booths

Find an Accessible, Supportive & Non-Judgemental Community.

No matter who you are and where you're from, you are welcomed, supported, and challenged when you walk into a Toastmasters Community. Here, everyday leaders come together regardless of age, language or mission. 

When is the best age for kids to learn about change and care about what truly matters in the world? Experience how our communities involve youth, even getting kids to attend and even speak at our community gatherings. Nothing bonds more than a family learning and growing together. We even have a child-minding facility for the event! (Contact us for more details)

English is only one out of the many languages spoken in our communities. Come check out all the other Toastmasters communities in Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew.

Would you like to speak up for Mother Earth? Or do you imagine a more inclusive society where everyone is seen as who they are and not where they've been? Check out communities that are working towards those missions. (There will be activities for the young ones to take action for environmental issues too!)

Main Stage Programme (Morning)

Main Stage Programme (Afternoon)