The Organising Team

Speak For Change is an initiative by Thomson Toastmasters Club, part of Toastmasters International's District 80. The purpose is to help people expand their influence, network and inspire positive change by harnessing the power within themselves and in their community. Speak For Change also showcases Toastmasters contribution to the community, demonstrating that the communication and leadership skills developed go way beyond public speaking.

To know more about the story behind Speak For Change, do visit our 'About' Page.

Larry Yap

Organising Chair

Dominic Leck

Co-Chair / Finance

Renald Loh

Marketing Lead

Lee Chay Buay

Club Partnerships

Somebody once said Larry is not much of a "peoplesucker". He doesn't really know what that means but takes it as a compliment anyway. He also helps changemakers tell their version of truth to the world.

Dominic credits Toastmasters for giving him the ability to speak confidently in public. He now mentors fresh grads in the workplace, and is on a movement to spread and encourage others to speak for change, to grab opportunities and inspire others.

Renald hopes to have fun for a living. His sporadic writing and speaking career is currently a work in progress.

Chay Buay is a longtime member of Cheng San Toastmasters Club. She is grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills from her club. Organisation, negotiation, time management, effective feedback and budgeting from toast learnt can be applied at workplace or everyday life. 

Jackie Lin

Exhibition Meeting Lead

Dawn Sim

Speaker Care

Sudha Gupta


Terrence Tian


Jackie is a master-of-ceremonies and an emcee by passion and profession. A toastmaster of 5 years, Jackie has gained much from the Toastmasters community and believes strongly in paying it forward.

Dawn believes that the shin bone is the perfect device for finding furniture in a dark room. Her weaknesses and flaws are the compasses to a better self. 

Sudha is a member of Thomson Toastmasters Club. She is responsible for releasing tickets and all other sales activities.

Terrence believes in the value of necessity, quality and usefulness. He stresses that although price matters, we mustn't think of the price of everything and the value of nothing. 

Jeanie Ong

Decoration and Contributions

David Campbell

PR and Writing

Dinesh Kumar

Social Media

Germaine Tang

Social Media

Jeanie is getting married tomorrow with a white gown and a bouquet of blue roses. She expects you to sing while she walks down the aisle. 

A lover of words and socialising, David finds both at Toastmasters.

Dinesh reads books which don't really matter to write exams that don't really matter to obtain grades which aren't important in the long run to obtain a job that might be entirely unrelated.

Germaine is a fervent advocate of Health, Nutrition and Wellness.

Shirley Tam

Public Relations

Brandon Loi

Accounts and Budgeting

Ng Bee Wee


Reggie Ng

Videos and Media

Shirley is an educator who loves to see people fulfill their potential and strongly believes that everyone has something to contribute to society. She serves with Toastmasters Prison Volunteers and as a storyteller at public libraries.

People communicate with words, Brandon communicates with Microsoft Excel.

Bee Wee believes that joining toastmasters was one of the best decisions she has made with regards to self development. She has been a member for more than 15 years and her conviction for speaking and improvement is still stronger than ever.

Reggie strives to speak better in order to influence youths to find meaning in life. He likes to talk about human connections and how conversations work.

Marketplace and Ambassadors

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