What if you already have the power to create ANY change you want?

Join our Everyday Leaders as we speak, share and connect on Saturday, 10th November 2018

Bo sits up from his bed and rubs his eyes.

It's 5 am.

He changes out of his pajamas and heads out the door. His dad locks the door behind him,

Bo starts from the top of his estate, collecting recycling bags laid out from the various doorsteps.

Bo was only 5. And he's making a big positive impact, not just tripling the recycled material from the estate, but breaking barriers from different cultures and cliques of residents to bond them over one BIG idea. 

There's no grand plan though. Just a boy who watched a documentary on polar bears losing their homes and taking whatever action he could to help make someone's (in his case, polar bears') life better.

A Big idea. From a small boy.

The world is now defined by change

Everywhere around us, established business environments are warping, trust is dissipating, communities are disconnecting.

Which makes the skill of being able to create and perpetuate change the most important skill of our time.

Which makes people who are able to create and harness the power of change incredibly powerful.

Spiderman Was Wrong

“With great power comes great responsibility” is only 50% right...

Because Great power doesn't always come with great responsibility...

Yet having the courage to take up responsibility to create change ALWAYS gives you Great POWER.

Why? Because the moment you create change in your world, something inside you shifts. You realise you no longer have to wait for someone else to make your desires, your dreams come true. 

Everyday Leaders yield incredible power because they CHOOSE to grow their power everyday by CREATING, by BEING the change they want to see in the world.

Bo was 5. He has great power,

You can tap into that same power.

And if your dream is to make the world a better place, isn't it time you reclaim the power you were born with?


Speak for Change is a Community Leadership event celebrating nurturing leaders through the community. 

It gathers Everyday Leaders to speak, share and connect for positive change.

DATE: 10 November 2018
VENUE: Thomson COmmunity Center

TIME: 10.00AM - 5.30PM

The Invisible Work of Everyday Leaders...

Glenn Lim, Singapore Youth Award. Chairman of Mentoring Alliance

It's easy to be motivated when everyone is patting on the back. Just like it's easy to speak out when you're on the side of the cool kids. 

Yet it's often difficult to do what you know in your heart is right.

Glenn Lim won the Singapore Youth Award many years ago but the real work started way back when people doubted the significance of the work providing rehabilitation, motivation and emotional support for ex-offenders. 

"Why bother?", "These people deserve it." and other prejudices are rife.

Yet Glenn believes in the power of mentoring in helping others move past their social situation. He is also Chairman of the Mentoring Alliance. Mentoring happens to be an essential ingredient for growth in Toastmasters, of which Glenn is a beacon in the community. 

Beyond Public Speaking

Most people think of Toastmasters as a platform to develop communication and leadership skills. 

It is true...but that's only on the outside. 

In reality, when the first community center-based Toastmasters club started 30 years ago, the founder had a vision:

To develop leaders through the community.

Which is why the development of communication skills in Toastmasters is never about personal glory, but to prepare leaders to contribute to something greater than themselves.

Within the Toastmasters community, acts of everyday leadership occur without "talent", without title and...without a microphone.

Mainly organised by Thomson Toastmasters, Speak for Change showcases how Everyday Leaders in Toastmasters contribute to the community at large. See samples below...

Reintegration into Society

Social Support

Promoting Culture

Beyond Humor

and too many to list...


Attendees (expected)


Languages & Cultures 




Everyday Leaders in Toastmasters (Singapore)

Eco-Ambassadors Advocating Change Beyond Speaking

Would you like to speak up for Mother Earth? See the tribe of defenders of Mother Earth in action, spreading the message of environmental awareness and sustainability through their booth. The community is bonded over championing and speaking up for Mother earth in words and deeds. Plus, they are well-fed. :)

Changing Mindsets and habits with Food

From food as our fuel to food as our medicine. Also, see how “ugly rescued food” can be transformed to wholesome and tasty dishes when prepared with a whole lot of love and a dash of wisdom. Come to the booth to pick up tips and recipes that will improve your families health while healing our planet.

Take Action and Grow Power!

Take part in fun quizzes and activities to engage young and older alike! Our Mother Earth ambassadors will assist you and your young ones to take action to create positive change and grow your Everyday Leader powers. 

Who is Speak for Change for?

if You're growing your communication skills in the workplace...

The fastest way to build credibility and influence in the workplace is to level up your communication skills. You can achieve your personal and professional goals by learning to think quickly on your feet, and flying through high-stakes presentations with finesse.

Consider attending the segments below

If you're getting ready to lead...

What REALLY qualifies you as an Everyday Leader is not how much leadership experience you have, but by your commitment to helping others become better versions of themselves. If this is you, then come find your tribe and they who support your mission and can prepare you to become a transformational leader 

Consider attending the segments below

If you're a leader of a team or community...

The strategies and mindset shifts you get from hearing our speakers and connecting with other leaders will help you to further empower your community and open up new channels for collaboration to scale and achieve your mission. 

Consider attending the segments below

Here's some highlights in the Morning at 
Speak for Change...

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    Changing mindsets and habits with food - From food as our fuel to food as our medicine. Also see how “ugly rescued food” can be transformed to wholesome and tasty dishes at Mother Earth Toastmasters booth for tips and recipes that will improve your families health while healing our planet.
  • Hang Out at the Everyday Leader Corner - Meet inspirational Everyday Leaders like...Takalah, a near-death Traumatic Brain Injury survivor who campaigns for causes to give blood and life or Sean, an art student with autism who doesn’t believe autism is a crutch
  • Study exhibits of Everyday Leaders - Glenn Lim, winner of Singapore Youth Award, and his work with Architects of Life, a social enterprise that specialises in developing the human potential of youth-at-risks and ex-offendersa mother who raised her autistic child and now leads a movement helping parents raise autistic children
  • check
    Get that job – Nail your presentation and insta-boost your communication skills with workshops on language, interview skills, speaking in social situations during our exhibition meeting and with our communication ambassadors
  • check
    Exclusive Games! – Have fun with a preview of fast-paced language card game by homegrown game designers, Game Architects, that’ll have you slapping your head with disbelief…and then raring for next round. Take quizzes on environment and language at our community booths
  • Reclaim your power as a leader. Our ambassador will show you pathways of Everyday Leaders. Be prepared for a paradigm shift with loads of thought provoking questions…
  • Nurture your kids – - Hear the story of Bo, a 5 year old, creating ripples of positive environmental impact through his actions. Mother Earth Toastmasters, together with the Family Division has activities that will help your kids take action and create positive change to grow their power as an Everyday Leader

Morning Speakers

Morning Programme

And in the afternoon...here's what you'll experience...

  • Meet CEO of the Year – Hear deep leadership insights from the organizer of Lee Kuan Yew state funeral procession, also CEO of the Year. He will share his transformation from humble beginnings to present, and the lessons you can take to grow the leader within AND around you
  • check
    Pick up actionable strategies to empower your community – Learn from the “granddaddy” of NLP in Singapore how you can weave the social fabric and empower leaders in your community
  • Contribute to Dialogue for Change - participate in the panel discussion, ask questions, get and share your perspectives on pertinent issues of our time
  • Collect heartfully-rare books – Tales of joy and sorrow of Everyday Leaders contained in a book. Published not for profit, all (almost) of these books cannot be found in ANY store. This is perhaps one of the only way you can get them
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    Find your tribe – Countless communities and Everyday Leaders championing various causes will be there. People who share your passion might just be round the corner…
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    Bond with like-minded Everyday Leaders – Make use of the Everyday Leader Networking sessions to solidify that connection physically and collaborate on the change initiative you’re working on.
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    Get your message heard – Sharpen your message of change with input from our communication ambassadors, record it then share it! Bonus: find and activate social influencers to amplify its reach
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    ...and much much more!

Afternoon Speakers

Afternoon Programme

How do you navigate Challenging Dialogue for Positive Change

Not always easy to stay conscious...

Each of us has a story in our heads. That story is the reason we progress and do great things...or get blindsided. The deeper and more complex the issue, the more polarising the perspectives.

Our panelists will discuss the challenges for having such conversations, with the goal of sparking insights on how we can add our perspectives to the collective consciousness while staying open to others points of view to bring about positive change in our communities and society.

Get ready for a thought-provoking session. Bring an open heart, and a ready mind to connect, converse and contribute to positive change.

Using Games for Good

Can you "speak" through games?

Games are simulations of real-life situations and challenges. It's not a coincidence that serious games exist. Local game designers will showcase some of the work they do to tell a story, and send a message through the games they design. The imagination is the limit to what you can create with the right intention and guidance. 

The leader of Game Architects, a local game design community, will give you a preview of a fast-paced language card game that leave you slapping your head...and raring to go again!

Register Now and Get These Bonuses

When you register for an All-Access Pass today, besides the amazing content from the day, you'll also get...

Bonus 1: Exclusive Speak for Change Badge

Bonus 2: "Rescued Food" Transformation Recipes by nutritionist Lili Dogarel

Bonus 3: Best insights of Speak for Change

Bonus 4: Speak for Change...behind the scenes​​

What's the value for a day of pure connections, conversations and contribution?

This is a no-pitch event. Which means typically, an event ticket with even half the duration and programming will easily range between $30 - $100...

The original price for the full experience was $68 just to cover costs...

Several of our speakers charge hundreds and thousands per hour...and they've decided to speak pro-bono at Speak for Change to support the initiative towards nurturing Everyday Leaders through the community.

For $8, the price of a cup of Starbucks, you can get the complete Speak for Change experience.

*ticket details on next page

You don't have to go at it alone.

The path to change isn't easy. But it doesn't have to be a lonely one.

And when you tap into a community of people who understand the challenges you face...who say "me too" instead of silently waiting for you to throw in the towel and say "I told you so"...you unlock a new world of possibilities.

Find your tribe of Everyday Leaders. 

When will you get another chance to meet speakers like the organizer of Lee Kuan Yew state funeral procession?

Lawrence Lim, also CEO of the Year

The programme is curated to take an Everyday Leader from exploring who you are, where you want to go, to finding people who are on the same journey together, building the community, and then inspiring the community to keep growing.

Watching videos alone isn't an alternative to making connections with the speakers and Everyday Leaders. Expand your mind, develop your support network and supercharge your influence for positive impact. Bond over stories of success and experience. 

Where will you go from here?

10 November 2018 will only happen once and it will be amazing. But it is what you create with the new found connections and the insights you gain from deep conversations which will be meaningful. You can live boldly and grow as your powers of change as an Everyday Leader.

What opportunities will this event open up for you? You'll never know unless you reserve your place right now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Speak For Change is Unique

There are events advocating change. However, Speak for Change is the only one who is focused on the development of leaders through the community where the homemaker meets the undergrad meets the 6 year old meets the head honcho. And we get along just dandy.

The moment you step through the door, no matter who you are, you are welcome, encouraged and challenged all at the same time. Our communities are 30 years old, and we are here to stay.

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