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How would you like to hear about the leadership secrets of CEO of the Year?

As the organizer of Singapore’s founding prime minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's state funeral, Lawrence Lim, he organized 10,000 men to carry out their duties with honor and respect.

The procession ran without a hiccup.

When Lawrence was chairman of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 28th SEA Games in Singapore, he put Singapore on the map for performing the first aerial show in Southeast Asia.

Awarded Leading CEO of the Year 2014 by Singapore Human Resource Institute, he is now Chief Operating Officer of Singapore’s first public-listed crowdfunding platform in Southeast Asia.

Here's how you can meet him in person...

On Saturday, 10th November 2018, he will share leadership insights on what it takes to inspire the leader within you…as well as equip you with hard-won strategies to motivate and inspire other leaders within your organization.

This will be the first time Lawrence shares insight customized to our conference attendees who are excited about creating positive change in their communities and beyond.

Through his keynote presentation and panel discussion he will be sharing…

  • What it really takes to inspire people towards excellence  
  • How to help people achieve what they think is impossible
  • The life-changing question Lawrence's secondary school teacher asked him...which should be asked of everyone
  • The ONE quality people will look for in you as a leader
  • WLJK – the 4-letter code of honor behind Lawrence's leadership style
  • How to navigate the dichotomy of person and position as a higher level leader...and why leaders who aren't able to do so are sometimes called “spineless”, or “clowns”
  • Never get stuck. Learn how to weave the social fabric of your community or organization so ideas and information keep on flowing
  • The hidden growth pattern for developing leadership
  • ...and much much more!

Lawrence is 1 of 5 speakers you'll meet in the afternoon...

Introducing Speak for Change

Speak for Change is a one-day celebration of nurturing leaders through the community. It gathers leaders and aspiring leaders of communities and organizations, just like you, from all over Singapore to speak, share and connect to create greater positive change.

Whether you’re preparing to lead, or leading a team or community, the knowledge and skills you learn, the people you meet, and the conversations you’ll have will set you up for success in creating ripples of success in your own life and the greater community around you.

Here's What You'll Experience at Speak for Change

It's all about the people. Your ability to connect at a high level with your team, and other leaders in your organization will determine the influence and impact you can make. Speak for Change seeks to grow your connections, boost your ability to make them.

Influential Connections

The right word by the right person beats any the chest-puffing you can do and puts you right ahead of the queue, and smooth the process of change.

Inspirational Stories

Read and hear about Acts of Everyday Leadership without title, "talent" or discipline including how a near death Traumatic Brain Injury survivor turned his life around to champion causes.

Insightful Lessons

Distinguished speakers like CEO of the year, International speaker and trainer, Stuart Tan etc will walk you through the journey of personal empowerment, to empowering others and developing leaders

Here's some highlights in the Morning at 
Speak for Change...

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    Changing mindsets and habits with food - From food as our fuel to food as our medicine. Also see how “ugly rescued food” can be transformed to wholesome and tasty dishes at Mother Earth Toastmasters booth for tips and recipes that will improve your families health while healing our planet.
  • Hang Out at the Everyday Leader Corner - Meet inspirational Everyday Leaders like...Takalah, a near-death Traumatic Brain Injury survivor who campaigns for causes to give blood and life or Sean, an art student with autism who doesn’t believe autism is a crutch
  • Study exhibits of Everyday Leaders - Glenn Lim, winner of Singapore Youth Award, and his work with Architects of Life, a social enterprise that specialises in developing the human potential of youth-at-risks and ex-offendersa mother who raised her autistic child and now leads a movement helping parents raise autistic children
  • check
    Get that job – Nail your presentation and insta-boost your communication skills with workshops on language, interview skills, speaking in social situations during our exhibition meeting and with our communication ambassadors
  • check
    Exclusive Games! – Have fun with a preview of fast-paced language card game by homegrown game designers, Game Architects, that’ll have you slapping your head with disbelief…and then raring for next round. Take quizzes on environment and language at our community booths
  • Reclaim your power as a leader. Our ambassador will show you pathways of Everyday Leaders. Be prepared for a paradigm shift with loads of thought provoking questions…
  • Nurture your kids – - Hear the story of Bo, a 5 year old, creating ripples of positive environmental impact through his actions. Mother Earth Toastmasters, together with the Family Division has activities that will help your kids take action and create positive change to grow their power as an Everyday Leader

Morning Speakers

Morning Programme

And in the afternoon...here's what you'll experience...

  • Meet CEO of the Year – Hear deep leadership insights from the organizer of Lee Kuan Yew state funeral procession, also CEO of the Year. He will share his transformation from humble beginnings to present, and the lessons you can take to grow the leader within AND around you
  • check
    Pick up actionable strategies to empower your community – Learn from the “granddaddy” of NLP in Singapore how you can weave the social fabric and empower leaders in your community
  • Contribute to Dialogue for Change - participate in the panel discussion, ask questions, get and share your perspectives on pertinent issues of our time
  • Collect heartfully-rare books – Tales of joy and sorrow of Everyday Leaders contained in a book. Published not for profit, all (almost) of these books cannot be found in ANY store. This is perhaps one of the only way you can get them
  • check
    Find your tribe – Countless communities and Everyday Leaders championing various causes will be there. People who share your passion might just be round the corner…
  • check
    Bond with like-minded Everyday Leaders – Make use of the Everyday Leader Networking sessions to solidify that connection physically and collaborate on the change initiative you’re working on.
  • check
    Get your message heard – Sharpen your message of change with input from our communication ambassadors, record it then share it! Bonus: find and activate social influencers to amplify its reach
  • check
    ...and much much more!

Afternoon Speakers

Afternoon Programme

How do you navigate Challenging Dialogue for Positive Change

Most of the time, the conversations that are the hardest to have are the most important ones. Change is always uncomfortable -  but it remains our only constant in the journey for the betterment of ourselves and society.

Our distinguished panel of speakers (including Lawrence) will discuss the importance of having such conversations, and share the methods we can use to bring about positive change in our own organization and communities. It will be an intriguing and thought-provoking hour-long session fueled by the passion of society's everyday changemakers.

What's the value for a day of pure connections, conversations and contribution?

This is a no-pitch event. Which means typically, an event ticket with even half the duration and programming will easily range between $30 - $100...

The original price for the full experience was $68 just to cover costs...

Fortunately, generous partners and sponsors are supporting the initiative towards nurturing Everyday Leaders from the community. Therefore for the price of a latte at Starbucks, you can get the complete Speak for Change experience.

Community Pass

All of the networking and access to exhibits, refreshments


*free of cost, but not free of commitment

Main Stage (Morning)

  • check
    Opening Keynote - The Power of an Everyday Leader
  • Tribute to Toastmasters - Case study of Toastmasters Movement + Appreciation
  • Exhibition Evaluation - Make your message compelling
  • Exhibition Workshop - Think on Feet
  • check
    Communication Booths - Interview, Presentation Skills
  • Community Booths - Rescued Food, Prison Volunteers, Family, Language, Tabletop Games
  • check
    Everyday Leader Corner
  • check
    Everyday Leaders Networking Session

Complete access to all sessions, networking



*price made possible by generous sponsors


Community Pass plus 

Main Stage (Afternoon)

  • check
    Plenary Homemaker to Changemaker - A Mother's Journey to Discover Her Identity and Mission
  • check
    Plenary - Finding Your Tribe
  • check
    Plenary Scaling Isn't Just for Business - The Joys and Challenges of Scaling Your Mission for Greater Impact
  • check
    Plenary - Building Empowered Communities
  • check
    Closing Keynote From Doing to Dreaming - How to Grow the Leader Within and Among You
  • check
    Panel Discussion - Navigating Challenging Dialogue for Positive Change

Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet inspirational and purpose-driven leaders.

Expand your mind and connect with like-minded everyday leaders. Grow your support network and supercharge your influence for positive impact. Bond over stories of success and experience. 

Get your ticket now.

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