About Speak For Change

Is there something in your life that you want to change?

Perhaps you've been longing for a promotion at your current job for a while now, or decided that a career switch is the next best option. Maybe you're fed up with how upper management doesn't care about the customer even if the company's slogan says otherwise.

Or maybe there is something inside you that's bothering you. You have plenty of ambitions and aspirations but for some reason you can't seem to get started on them. You want to conquer that fear or smash that personal target but your body doesn't seem to want the same. What if you can finally change that?

We believe that you already hold the keys to unlocking the doors to a better, more fulfilling life in which what you say or do matters. That's the reason Speak For Change exists. We want to help you become an everyday leader.

Everyday leaders need not hold fancy titles or assume important positions. They are people who harbour goals, ideals, and strive towards them with their everyday actions. Instead of talking about making the world a better place, they do it with their own hands.

Michael Rodriguez founded the Toastmasters Prison Volunteers in 2004. It was meant to help inmates learn speaking, leadership, organisational skills and instilling confidence to help them reintegrate into society.

The winners of the 2018 District 80 Toastmasters Division L & V Humorous Speech Contest performed their winning speeches to patients at a hospice. In the context of that contest, speaking took on new meaning in bringing cheer to other people's lives.

Toastmaster Jessica Pei Shan volunteered with Special Olympics Asia Pacific to train athlete leaders and mentors on media interview skills and public speaking. She is also stewarding a regional project on inclusive health for the organisation.

In each of those examples, we can sense a strong sense of purpose from those individuals. They encompassed what it meant to be an everyday leader. Toastmasters merely provided them with the platform to create the change that they hoped to see in the world.

Over several conversations with people outside of the Toastmasters scene, it was evident that the view from the general public was that Toastmasters was merely one of many options people could choose in order to improve their public speaking skills. However, that is simply not true. 

Toastmasters serves a bigger role in helping to bond the community together, and unlocking people's potential.

Above: Thomson Toastmasters Club of District 80 wanted to celebrate their 30th year of conception by doing something purposeful, meaningful and lasting for the community. Hence, Speak For Change was born.

For 30 years, we have provided a warm and welcoming space for people who aspire to improve their speech, communication and leadership skills. Our members regularly host community-based events, building their confidence and opening up new avenues for their own careers and self development. 

Left: Thomson Community Club
Above: Thomson Toastmasters in Action

As the CC that housed us for three decades were due to undergo a major renovation, there was a common consensus that this was the perfect chance for the club to give back to the public - by reminding everyone of the toastmasters' values that have served the community well throughout the years.

To inspire others to spark change through the power of their words.

Speak For Change is a one-day learning festival for everyday leaders to speak, share and connect for positive change. Through the event, we promise to show you a pathway to become an Everyday Leader.

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