7 Regular Habits of Good Entrepreneurs

By speakforchange | Leadership

Sep 19

Humans are habitual creatures by nature, which is really dandy because you don’t want to spend too much effort in the morning thinking about whether brush your teeth, take a loo, or send your girlfriend a good morning text first. Your smart brain makes those easy decisions for you everyday.

But habits are hard to change. And so when you successfully integrate a beneficial activity into your daily routine, hallelujah! Chances are you’ll stick to it. Here are 10 regular habits good entrepreneurs have. They:

1. Try New Things

Don’t call us out on being contradictory right from the off yet! As much as we want to cultivate good habits, good entrepreneurs know that their creative side needs to be stimulated constantly. Make it a habit to try new things and experience new experiences daily, as it helps you look at the world from different perspectives. You’ll become a more innovative person as a result.

2. Get Enough Sleep

While it might be annoying to hear the cries of your parents or spouse constantly telling you to get some rest, they do really mean well. Eight is the magic number of hours. Studies have shown that being sleep deprived causes you to perform worse when attempting to solve problems related to logic or math. Rest well, and you think clearly.

3. Read… Everything

Spend some time everyday reading. Read a book, read the news, read the advertisement pasted on the inside of a public restroom cubicle. Know what is going on in your industry and around the world, as it’s important to stay relevant in business. Gain insights into your field from a bestseller, or a funny magazine so you can share jokes with your employees to boost morale. Reading expands your thinking.

4. Give Compliments

A single compliment can make someone’s day. Compliment your secretary for doing a good job handling that troublesome customer. Compliment the cleaning lady for the spotless white floor. It’s important to spread a culture of happiness around the workplace and giving (sincere) compliments helps to build that.

5. Single-Task

When you have a ton of things to do, it is extremely tempting to work on a couple of tasks at once, but that only makes your mind more flustered and your to-do list less ticked. The most productive of entrepreneurs focus their energy on one thing at a time.

6. Set Aside Me-Time

And keep to it. Don’t think of it as slacking off, you and your brain need time to relax and unwind. Schedule an hour or so during the day to do the things you enjoy aside from work, and you’ll be fresh and ready to go for your next burst of productivity.

7. Reflect 

Before you go to bed (and get your much needed eight hours of sleep), reflect on the day you’ve just had and list down the things you did well, what you could have done better, and what you intend to do the next day. Most of the time, we speed through our daily lives and it’s hard to remember the purpose of what we did in the past week. Keeping track of their actions help entrepreneurs become more clear-minded and purposeful in their lives.

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