What if you already have the power to 
create ANY change you want?

Speak for Change II is a celebration of real, everyday people creating impactful change on the 16th November 2019

Hear inspiring stories of real change stories

Connect and collaborate with a community of change agents

Learn how to build narratives for change

Latest Posts

What is an Everyday Leader?

When we think of leaders, several assumptions spring to mind. This person is charismatic, resourceful, eloquent, and is able to give a morale-boosting speech on demand. An absolute superstar. But a different breed of leaders have been laying low, choosing to make more impact than headlines. Who are they?

The Fears That Change-Makers Need to Overcome

It’s very human to fear things. From fears of public speaking to a fear of spiders, these fears may prevent us from getting to where we want to be (sometimes literally).

How to Get Your Message Heard:
3 Important Methods

It's easy to speak out when you're with the majority, the cool kids. But what if you're not? How do you gain the confidence to speak out about potentially controversial or emotional issues that matter to you?

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